Monday, May 21, 2007


I did this illustration for a bookcover a while ago. My friend Martin Glaz Serup ( called me and asked if I could make a cover for his new book: A futuristic thriller written in collaboration with Hanne Kvist ( The book describes a post 9/11, terror paranoid survaillance society.

I picked the most dramatic scene in the book, where the main character and his two friends all of a sudden is surrounded by Terror-free-society Police officers. In the story three guns were pointing at the boys, but that became a too aggressive image (the book is intended for school children 6. grade and up), so I changed it a little bit and gave one of the Police officers a GPS-thing instead. Near the end of the book its revealed that one of the boys, unknowing, has spyware installed in his eyeballs. On the GPS display his point of view is seen.

The drawing is inkwashes, charcoal and photoshop. The bookdesign is made by Ida Balslev-Olesen. The book is published by Dansklærerforeningens Forlag and comes out in june.

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