Friday, July 27, 2007

Illustration Friday: "Moon"

I did this illustration for a childrenbook a little while ago, but the image went well with this fridays theme, so I decided to post it here.

It show the young melodramitic rooster Paul (Pophans) singing in the night.....imagine a sensitive vulnerable Justin Timberlake kinda a rooster!

Here is a summary of the book:

The chicken run is going to find a new leading rooster. The old rooster is very ill and he asks the hens to choose between Pop-Paul or Tom. All the hens go all gooey when they hear Pop-Paul sing. But Tom can repair things and organize and that is also appreciated – especially by the older hens. But then one day the fox eats one of the hens and the two roosters realise that it is good to have different talents.

To see more images from the book visit:



Focus_ret said...

It is a nice illustration, but it bothers me that your hero is looking outside the picture frame. Perhaps if you flipped the landscape, and put him on the other side, so he looks into the picture, it would clarify the focus.

Erik Petri said...

Thanks for your critic. You might have a point!

This image/spread is one out of 13 spreads in the book. The text in the book is written as a long poem with several verses. On this spread I left room for the text/verses to the right, in the light grass.

I intended to have some variation in the main characthers placement on each spread, so he wouldn't be placed in the same spot and have the same size all the time.

I decided to have the singing rooster looking out of the frame and past the reader 'cause he is alone in the moonlight trying to regain his faith in himself...trying to boost his selfconfidence....moments before this scene he is in tears and feels worthless.

I hope this explains why I posed the rooster as I did. But as you suggests it could have been done differently, and then the image (without the text) would have had a better balance in the composition.

Thanks again.

Anna Lloyd said...

This is a very good illustration. I love the colours and contrast between light and dark, but it still looks like a night image. I agree that compositionally it could have been improved, but to portray the character as you described and to make room for text I'm sure the composition conveyed the desired emotions perfectly.

Fossfor said...

I love this one, I think the composition is very dynamic and I love the colours. The other illos from your book are also excellent

kdhamel said...

Great illustration - that rooster is too cool! I love the little owls in the tree - very cute!

JO said...

Incredible work. Reminds me of the rooster in the old cartoons that was a take on Sinatra. said...

Wonderful illustration. Your characters are full of personality. You've got great talent for watercolors.

Erik Petri said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving me your comments.