Friday, August 10, 2007

Dog-design for bookcharacter

I am sketching on this childrensbook-pitch, where the maincharacter is a dog. The dog is called Tom (Tom Waits as a dog) and through the book he discovers a world of sound, and realizes that music can be found everywhere.

I myself has a shorthaired black Dachshound, but I went more after the RiesenSchnauzer furball-kinda dog...for this dog.

I am working on this bookproject, with author Thomas Oldrup and Composer/musician/fineartist Peter Max-Jakobsen.
Hopefully the book end up as a groundbreaking book-soundexperience, that will activate young readers to make some Noooooooiiiiiizeeee!


Mignon said...

My favorite is the dog middle right: he/she's wearing that blissed-out look dogs get when they've had more than their fill of everything they like to do!

Erik Petri said...

Thanks for your suggestion Mignon.

I don't even know if the main characther of the book is gonna end up being a dog or ?

I have a dachshound myself, but that breed didn't really go with the dog-personality I was after.

I checked out your silkscreen animals..amazing artwork, I like it!