Thursday, January 31, 2008

Choose - the right one. Different phases of attraction

These illustrations were made for Monarch Magazine, for an article looking at 'love' from a scientific point of view.

At first its just a matter of physical attraction. Sex.... right here and right now!. Desire is there before emotions. Otherwise mankind would not have gotten anywhere.

Next phase is falling in love. That special someone. A soul mate. Romantic, but close to insanity.

Third phase is marriage. Building a nest and preparing for a safe family life with offspring.

just someone - that special one - we are one (the three phases if you break it down)


mcverhoog said...

Awesomme illustrations! I just love the way you colored them.

neil said...

Fantastic work, I am in awe. You have a great gift for illustration and storytelling. combine the two and you're talking major talent!