Friday, February 13, 2009

Politiken iByen: "a guide to late night churches"


Anonymous said...

Well, that's one way of celebrating! Wonderful style!

jazzlamb said...

Very verry sooper haute illustration...the stylisation of the figures is just amazing...and I'm in love with the exaggerated hands...I'm in love with your work.

jazzlamb said...

Hey, can I please please add your bloglink to my humble liitle blog as a source of inspiration?
I am for now...let me know if you have any objection..
lovely work...again.

Erik Petri said...

Thanks for the kind remarks.
It's great that my work can inspire you jazzlamb.
I checked out your stuff...keep up working in that sketchbook.

Anonymous said...

Great style and amazing style !!!

Malachi Ward said...

I really like the quality of line, kind of scratchy but still clean. Great work, all around.