Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Krybet' Bookreview

The horror book 'Krybet' I illustrated a while ago..and bloged about here. Was reviewed last saturday in Politiken by Steffen Larsen. He likes the book and the way I illustrated it, with two different styles: one for the traumatic grey real world and one for the imagined world of the Creep. I'm so happy, that the book recieved such a good review...that'll hopefully lead to a lot of books being sold at the bookstores..and people showing up for the author behind the book, Jacob Weinreich and my speech/performance/show at Bookforum. Sunday at 1pm. There will be booksigning and a drawing in the book afterwards.

If you haven't bought the book can attend this competition and win the book. The competition ends the 4th. of October.

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