Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bookcover for Ronnie Andersen "6"

The 6th of June, the new novel "6" by danish author Ronnie Andersen will be in the stores. I was asked to do the cover design by the author.

Ronnie Andersens first book "Date med en engel" became a huge succes and have won several awards, so I was honored to be asked to do the cover for his second book.

First I read the book and second: met up with him, and his editor Anne Mørch from Høst and Søn, at café where we had a talk about the book and discussed what the cover could be like...meanwhile I sketched down all the diffent ideas we talked about. At the end of the meeting all three of us had an idea and a sketch of where the cover would be going.

Here is the sketch we decided on and the process until the final printed book

thanks for reading.

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