Sunday, April 3, 2011

a dog and a tree

Thursday opens an artshow at butik CMYK. The gallery and shop turns five years.....congratulation. All the invited artist where told to submit an original piece of art 30 cm by 30 cm and work within the theme: Tree (when you celebrate 5 year anniversary / wedding, it's called tree wedding).

I find it rather difficult to come up with an image, when I'm just being given a theme and creative freedom....I feel a lot more confident, when I have to read a text and have to solve the 'problem' within certain I just did a drawing of my dog


jazzlamb said...

So nice! I love it :D
How are you doing?

Erik Petri said...

thank you very much Jasjyot.
I have to finish up some illustrated books (two Antboys and two Horror stories) before I can get started on my Graphic novel....I can't wait to get started sketching and writing.
I hope things are great in Delhi with life and art.
Best. Erik