Thursday, June 19, 2014

for the TV-programme "Junkie - whats your drug?" at DR3

I did a lot of visual work for the 6 "Junkie" episodes that ran recently on National TV DR3. In January I did portraits of the three test-persons/Junkies : Nikhil - addicted to social medias, especialy his phone, Jacob addicted to food - both cooking and eating it ... and finally Nanna who has been a smoker since the age of eleven. The 6 programs deals with addiction - how the brain works when we first get addicted and when we try to get out of addiction.
Besides the portraits of the three "Junkies" I did a bunch of Adobe After Effect Animation films with the amazingly talented Hvorforikk-studio guys (Mikkel, Ditlev and Martin) = small breakers, that explains the science behind the different test each subject is put through.

Link to the DR3 program here

Watch the intro here

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