Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bookcover "Queen of the Mine" / "Minens Dronning"

I just did this bookcover for the brand new publishinghouse Abeland.
This is book number five in this "X-files"-series (lakes skinnende laksegl) for young readers. You can read about book four here
Three friends: Magus, Ingemann and Jesper are invited to examine a strange mine in England by a strange old woman . Through this tale the boys are encounter by ancient religious sects, mysterious symbols and getting lost in a dark mine shaft with their headlights not working...... among other events. the book will come out later this year.
The book is written and published by Andreas Møller and his father Birger Møller.
Here is the final cover with type, the line drawing and the sketch process.


Frank said...

I loooove oatmeal paper sketchbooks. mmmmmm....


Erik Petri said...

Thanks Frank

Thanks for visiting my blog

It´s the last sketchbook with that kinda paper I have.
I bought it at the Artcenter studentstore before leaving.
Soon it'll be filled out, and I have to start a new one with white paper, ´cause I haven't been able to find a store that sells the ones with "oatmeal paper".


bjarne-h said...

hmm shame..also the one with insects is cool..maybe u should look a bit harder.