Monday, July 26, 2010

My trip to Pasadena and the ICON6: part 1

I went back to Pasadena and Los Angeles for the first time since I studied at Art Center College of Design form 2001-2003.
I was picked up in the airport by my old roommate Andrew Foster and stayed at his place in Los Angeles, until the Illustration Conference in Pasadena. Besides being a great painter, Andrew is also a magnificient painting teacher. I had the honor of sitting in his painting class, he teaches at Palos Verdes Art College. I did some sketches of the model, his students and him giving a demo.
Before I went back home, Andrew did a portrait of me in his painting studio. I posed twice, but Andrew probably only spend one and a half on painting my portrait...pretty amazing result he achieved in such a short time.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Andrew for being such a great host



Anonymous said...

Wow, Andrew got a great space and it's so cool that he painted you.

Erik Petri said...

Andrews studio is awesome!
When he did that painting of me, he hadn't been painting for almost a month, and he cranked it out in about one and a helf hour...... impressive!