Monday, July 26, 2010

My trip to Pasadena and the ICON6: part 2

Wednesday, the first day of the Illustration Conference I had signed up for a sketching trip to China Town with my old artcenter teacher Jeff Smith and his teaching colleague Paul Rogers. About 15 conference attendees had signed up for this trip, among them Australian illustrator Nigel Buchanan. Jeff and Paul had hired two models to pose as Jack Gittes and the girl from Roman Polanskis "Chinatown" 1974. Half way through the second pose, the bar owner told us to quit drawing 'cause we were treepassing..... well we finished up, closed our sketchbooks and... went into his bar!
Jeff Smith is teaching a class at Artcenter, where students go to different LA locations and draw models who pose as murder victims.....I wish I could attend this class..unfortunately Los Angeles is a little bit to far from Copenhagen!

Thanks for reading


kane said...

Your work is fantastic. Thanks for telling me about ICOn6. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Wow great sketch work. Really nice coverage of the ICON 6 in your Blog along with some fantastic work by you. Thank you for the nice compliment on my Blog. I unfortunately do not speak Danish even though I have a very Danish last name. I believe my great grandparents immigrated to the U.S. Some of my Hansen relatives live in a small farm town in Iowa and have a Hansen reunion every summer but I only went once. Anyway….. Thank you again for the compliment I look forward to seeing lots of your work in the near future. It’s great stuff.

jeffrey smith said...

Hi Erik,

Haha!!!! Thank you for posting this!! It's great to see all the people in front of Hop Louie's. I wonder if anyone took photos in the bar.

Erik Petri said...

Frank: thanks for commenting .... and Jeff, the light inside of Hop Louie was pretty dim, so I don't think anyone were able to take pictures in there.
Have you thought about finding a brighter Bar, or Dinner, and set up some models there ... and combine drawings and drinks.