Saturday, February 26, 2011

I won the Willumsen Graphic Novel competition

Yeaterday I won first prize in the J. F. Willumsen Graphic Novel competition. Besides the prize I won the right to develop my project with Rosinante Publishing house. There is a lot of work ahead before the book is done, but I look forward to the process of turning this artsit life and work into an interesting story, that will not only appeal to comicbook fans and fans of J. F. Willumsen art.
Click here to watch a short film about the artist J. F. Willumsen and his subtitled in enhlish.
Thanks for reading.


Ngianhormua Yang said...

congratualtions Erlk!!!

bjarne-h said...

det blir et fedt album!

Det glæder jeg mig til at se om.....

Når det kommer.

Tillykke! (-:

Erik Petri said...

thank you very much.

Now I just have to do all the writing and drawing, and decide the the quality of paper, the format and the number of pages.

Morgaine le Fée said...

Peter accidentaly yesterday told me about this competition and the fact you were involved. So, when I told him that I read on your blog you won, he was very happy.
Both of us congratulates!

Erik Petri said...

@Morgaine and peter: thank you both very much. I a, eager to get started on this project...and as soon as i have completed the book illustrations for Antboy 5 and 6, I will get started.

I hope things are well in Sweden and all three of you are feeling great!