Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Antboy - the theater play

The Antboy books, written by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen and illustrated by me, have been transformed into a theater play for kids. I haven't seen the play yet, but I have bought my tickets for february the 12th.
I look foreward to see how the Louise Schouw Theater have turned a 12 year old wall crawling, ultra fast, super strong, acid peeing superhero into a characther in a theater play. The main part as Antboy is being played by wellknown actor Robert Hansen, and his rival in real life as well as in superhero life, Mark: one of the terror twins + supervillian Eghjorten(The Stag Beetle). Mark is played by wellknown actor Jens Andersen (Polle fra Snave).
The Antboy theater play will be traveling around the country, so everyone who has read the books throughout the country, will have a chance to see Antboy come alive on stage.

I can't wait to see how the characters I designed will look like in real life. Here are some shots from the play when they rehearsed: Pelle/Antboy and the Terror Twins Allan and Mark/Eghjorten

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