Saturday, January 7, 2012

making a "hand drawn" film

I have done several of these RSA inspired films in 2011. It takes a lot of work to end up with a 5 min. film.

1. Before the first meeting I have recieved the storyline and have started to doodle symbols that can help telling the story. Then I have my first meeting with the client where I sketch and come up with visual ideas, while we talk and go over the story line.

2. End up with a sketch of the whole thing at the end of a meeting (normally takes a couple of meeting!) - a sketch that I can refine at home a send the client for aproval. Besides figuring out how to visualise the story line, I also have to figure out how I would like the camera to move.

3. Then I spend a long day in front of a white board with red and black markers. Me, the photographer, the producer and the client have to agree upon step 1, step 2 etc....and corrections and changes can be made before shooting with the camera.

4. Finally a lot of work is put into the postproduction ... it's not only adding sound and timing!!

.... and finally after hours and hours of work, it ends up with a little film, that can explain complicated stuff in a simple and exiting way.

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