Friday, September 12, 2014

'Njord Vin' wine-label design...together with Ib Kjeldsmark

many months ago, I was the owner Njord Vin (wine) .. asked if I would design the label for their new Danish Pinot Noir wine. I had no experience with this type of assignment and allied myself with my skilled and experienced colleague Ib Kjeldsmark, and together we learned to put typography and graphics together.


Njord is a god of Norse mythology. He is the father of Freyr, the god of fertility, and Freya, the god of love. Freyr rides around a large golden brushed boar, if his father has the same way to transporte himself is uncertain .... but we decided to give him a wild boar. Maybe it's not historically accurate, but it looks good!

I am looking forward to tasting a glass of wine Njord when the first harvest is ready to get on the bottle. A bottle which now bears lbs and my design.

I'm not a big wine connoisseur, but when Paul Giamatti is willing to run through most of California in the movie "Sideways" just to drink different Pinot Noir wine ... I look forward to drinking a glass

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