Thursday, October 25, 2007

IF: "Trick or Treat" - happy Halloween

I did thes drawing a while ago, but they went so well with the theme this week.
The illustrations were done for a section of a magazine intended for kids. The drawing is for a quiz: The kids have to fugure out how far the witch had to travel to gather all her ingredienses for her witch soup. The map at the lefthand corner should give the kids a clue.
The witch on the broomstick is for a 'design a modern broomstick' -competition.

I have designed the compositon so it allows me to fitt text into the image and around it.

You can see the final layout with text and all here:

Have a great Halloween


Cathy said...

Ooh - wonderful pics - great fun!

sheree boyd said...

this is fantastic! i love all the detail --- the animals --- the little elephant tied up and the frogs flying! really great!