Monday, October 15, 2007

IF: "Extremes" -the letter L

An extreme situation. How often do you see a young boy with wings reading a womans magazine?

The letter L, being a consonant, is pronounces as the sound of EL. This is ELSKOV (in English making love), which can be heard as L Skov (an L forrest) illustratione of the letter L...well and Cupid is reading Elle..LLLLL

I hope you LLLLLLike it



josh said...


neilornstein said...

this is extremely clever

Nicole Florian said...

Good work!

Diandra Mae said...

beautiful details...hilarious concept!

tusen said...

hehe, realllly cLLLLLever

Erik Petri said...

thanks for your comments.
Somehow doing an alphabet illustration is kinda like the arctypical illustration assignment.
It's been done so many times, that there is a big challenge to do something new and different.