Tuesday, December 22, 2009

making the Bigger Picture of COP15

With Ole Qvist-Sørensen as the anchorman, we have been working on putting together the history of the UN Climate Change Conferences, The environmental reason why we are here at COP15, the two negotiation tracks, the different negotiating block (EU, the Umbrella Group, G77 + China etc.), the issues there will be discussed, the obstacles, WWF's priorities and the possible outcome.
Ole and Stine Explains what we are doing here

and Ole Qvist-Sørensen from Bigger Picture explains how he sees the bigger picture of the COP15 here

To read more about WWF, Bigger Picture and our work during the UN Climate Change Conference COP15, please check the COP15 Visualised website here

by the way it's Bjørn Lomborg 'The Sceptic Environmentalist' thats being interviewed in the forground .. and me an Thomas Thorhauge drawing on the mural in the mural in the back.

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