Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making the Visual News at COP15

Bigger Picture had planned to publish a small four page visual news five time during the COP15. The 'paper' was named 'Draw the Line' by Stine Arensbach from Bigger Picture. Everyday at 2:30 pm we had an editorial meeting with Martin and Christian from WWF Comms-Group, where we would would talk about the hot topic and they would go through our sketches and approve or disapprove of our ideas for visual explanation tools and cartoons.
Each issue of 'Draw the Line' was printed in 3000-4000 copies and distributed at the Bella Center.

Martin Hiller from WWF explains why they want to use visuals in their communication ... click here

The day before the COP started I came up with an idea for a small comicstrip about a polarbear and a pinguin and an iceflake .... 'cause a paper gotta have a comicstrip. Luckily for me WWF liked it, so my work wasn't wasted.

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Frank said...

I know that guy in the top photo! we went to school together I think. Great artist.