Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Antboy - the book version and the film version

Antboy in the books have created his outfit, his superhero suit, by himself, using bits and pieces from his old Halloween costumes: his musketeer dress, his ninja dress, his wizard (Merlin) outfit, his alien monster suit and two tea strainers .... being a skilled and talented tailor he sew all the pieces together for his superhero costume - 10 year old boys can not afford to buy expensive drugs or get the suit made ​​by a professional, which could also ruin the whole idea about having a secret identity.

In the film Antboy has gotten the cool costume he probably would have dreamed of getting in the books
. It is Denmark's history most expensive film costume ... and probably the coolest heroes clothes if you ask me ...

The film premieres in the fall of 2013


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