Friday, November 30, 2012

The Antboy film - the mad scientist

I was lucky to be allowed to attend how Antboy film becomes two occasions: a fight in a backyard where Pelle has his first action as Antboy where he stops a thief, and the scene where Pelle has just been bitten by the genetically modified ant, collapses and with blurry eyes see a figure coming towards him ... and then he passes out. 

The figure is the mad scientist who is super villain Flea played by Nicolas Bro .... in this scene I am his standin, and thus the last Pelle sees with his blurry eyes before he faints.  
There is approx. 30 kg difference in weight and 2 numbers in shoe size between Nicolas and me .... but it is as I said Pelle seen through blurred eyes.
Here is how the scientist appears in the book, where he is part older and leaner than in the movie.

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