Saturday, November 10, 2012

The annual bookfair - Bogforum

Last week the annual satirical magazine "Blæksprutten" (The Squid) came out for the 124th. year. I have been a part of the group of political carttonist and writers who creates the content for the last four years, and hope to continue for the years to come.
This year I collaborated with two of the writers: Mette Frobenius and Jens Ole Rasmussen, and did a couple of my own ideas as well.
Today I was interviewed about political satire and my big graphic novel project at the annual book fair Bogforum by Matthias Wivel. If you read this before sunday evening and are in the Copenhagen area, I would strongly recommend you to go and experience the annual bookfair .... and check out the new area for comicbooks.
Here are some pictures of me from todays interview, and a one page political satire on the primeministers lack of popularity - based on the old childrens book "Palle alene i verden"
Jens Ole Rasmussen came up with the idea and wrote the text.

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