Thursday, August 30, 2007

Extreme nature

The way the environment will change over the next 100 years is pretty extreme. That Al Gore can win a Nobel Peaceprize, is amazing, or extreme....since he and Clinton weren't to ambitios about the Kyoto agreement.
Here is an illustration with "The Skeptical Environmentalst" Bjørn Lomborg on his way to take a swim in a flooded Denmark.
This is for the column on the back of the internal newsletter in the ministry og environmental affair. The text will be placed on the sky next to the palmtrees.

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Arabian fairytale

I just finished thes illustrations for a fairytale written by Rune T. Kidde.
It's about a grumpy wizard and his lame camel on their way to help out the emperor. On their way they encounter a genie, who works as a servant for a crime lord.
Its done in inkwash and photoshop.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Illustration Friday: "Wedding"...falling in love is the first step

I don't know if it is stretching the theme a little too much....hmmm. These two spreads are about 'love'....Amor, how love gives you wings, about kissing and so on...for some reason the theme turned into a jungle scene with monkey-love, Tarzan, Jane and her brokenhearted ex-boyfriend..

I hope you like it

Friday, August 10, 2007

twopage spread

This is just a tryout for the visual look of the childrensbook Im working on.
I am pretty sure the book is gonna end up looking very different from this.....but at least its a start, and I am pretty found of Tom the dog with his pink cellphone.

The text is written by Thomas Oldrup

Dog-design for bookcharacter

I am sketching on this childrensbook-pitch, where the maincharacter is a dog. The dog is called Tom (Tom Waits as a dog) and through the book he discovers a world of sound, and realizes that music can be found everywhere.

I myself has a shorthaired black Dachshound, but I went more after the RiesenSchnauzer furball-kinda dog...for this dog.

I am working on this bookproject, with author Thomas Oldrup and Composer/musician/fineartist Peter Max-Jakobsen.
Hopefully the book end up as a groundbreaking book-soundexperience, that will activate young readers to make some Noooooooiiiiiizeeee!

Illustration Friday: "Emergency"

I did this a while ago for a bicycle magazine.
Everybody who has been in this situation knows its an emergency