Saturday, September 22, 2012

Graphic Recording 6 meters in a little more than 3 hours

I hung my paper on the wall at 8:30 and devided it into nine areas and wrote down some headlines - the seminar started 9:10 and ended three hours later. After putting down the last lines and writing down the last couple of quotes and sentences, I finished up with some colors, and I was done. 

Six meters of graphic recording in a little more than three hours is a little intense, but Im happy about the result and so was my client and the people participating in this seminar.

Thanks for reading

Friday, September 14, 2012

Creative Business Cup 2012 in Øksnehallen, Cph

The three finalists were: Lace - an App with erotic litterature for women, Mystery Makers - events and adventure concepts and finally TryHart Computergames - for adult gamers. Mystery Makers came in first and Lace took second place. All five contestants got my graphic recording of their pitch-presentation in a glass frame as a gift.

More about the event - more about Lace - more about Mystery makers - more about TryHart.

Creative Business Cup 2012 - the 5 pitches

Today I did a graphic recording of the five pitches that have made it to this years semi-final in the Creative Business Cup held by CKO (Center for Cultural and Experience Economy)