Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Antboy poster for all six books

The author of the Antboy books, Kenneth B√łgh Andersen, took this picture at Copenhagen Central Trainstation today ... big advertisement for the six books

Friday, June 15, 2012

Love without Violence - the process

I wanted to draw an energetic woman (age 30+) who wants to do away with violence. She should both hang and be dynamic at the same time, and fit into the elongated format as bus poster has once typography has eaten of the top and bottom of the poster.
I did the illustration in watercolor and gouache and touched it up a bit in photoshop at the end.

Love without violence - Campaign Poster

28,000 women exposed to violence in their relationships, and only 3,000 are seeking help at shelters for battered women.
Violence real bind - that's why she hangs tied by seven ropes. The seven rope = the seven forms of violence in a relationship: physical violence, psychological violence, latent violence, sexual violence, material violence, economic violence and stalking, but the woman in the illustration is about to break away from the ropes, about to run out of violence and seek help.

The poster is made of three shelters for battered women. The campaign will run in the summer with posters on the back of buses, brochures, postcards, posters, and more.
Illustratione done in watercolor and gouache.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whiteboard about rehabilitation plans for rental properties - the process

I met with KAB Bolig's communications department and the film crew a few times when we talked about the script while I was sketching ideas down on paper, and before the last meeting was over, I had a loose sketch of the entire film's visual process that I could clean up at home and email them for approval.

on the film day in the studio, the director suggested that  I should draw more of the picture elements separately, for example. different mouths and eyes, so he afterwards in the editing could make small animations.

Whiteboard about rehabilitation plans for rental properties

whiteboard movie I drew on how housing association can future-proof their homes by getting into a future security analysis and develop a rehabilitation plan which incorporates the residents want for their rental properties

Monday, June 11, 2012

The myths about being in power

I did this illustration for the promotion of a book "The Myths about Power" written by nine female leaders.

"Myths about power" is about women in the Danish top management - or rather about why women are not there, and what impact it has on society and the Danish companies.

Women are balancing between 3 performance spaces -  the Real (= Family and home), the Formal (= the
proffesional life, the work space) and the informal performance space (= network relationships team building tours etc.)