Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Drawing Club Book - by Bob Kato

One of my great teacher from Art Center College of Design: Bob Kato, started a place called "the Drawing Club" in Los Angeles back in 2002. Its  great palce where you once a week can pay $20 and draw a costumed model playing a role (parasuit trooper, Zorro, Barbarella, Detective etc.) surounded by great artists. I use to go almost every week back in 2002-2003 until I moved back to Denmark. Going to the Drawing Club and being inspired by Bob Kato and the other artists has been the time of my lifewhere I have developed and grown the most as an artist.

Bob Kato has been working on a book about this special place, and it finally came out a little while ago. I am honored that Bob choose three of my drawings for the book.

Anybody who has an interest in drawing from life and letting your observations meet with your own desire to design - this is the book for you!

"The Drawing Club - Master the Art of Drawing Characters from Life" by Bob Kato 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

My first white board-explanatory films (Number 41-50 done in 2014)

I did 10 short explanatory films and an intro for National TV DR3's tv-show "Junkie" - "Whats your drug" - 6 episodes. 

I developed and story boarded the ideas together with Mikkel, Ditlev and Martin from and the three produceres of the six episodes. 

Then I did a million ink drawings on light table, scanned them and made a photoshop file with many layers - and then took it from there. 

41. DR3 – ”Miljøet skabet forventningen” together with, 2014

42. DR3 – ”Vanens magt” together with, 2014

43. DR3 – ”Abstinenser” together with, 2014

44. DR3 – ”Hjernens plasticitet” together with, 2014

45. DR3 – ”Ud af afhængighed” together with, 2014

46. Novo Nordisk - ”Chat Support” together with Simon Rubin, 2014

47. Nets – ”Nets Cards” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2014

48. Novo Nordisk – ”Victoza” m. Bulldog and Partners, 2014

49. Novo Nordisk – ”Telepresence” together with Initiatives and Bulldog and Partners, 2014

50. Carlsberg – ”ROIC” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2014