Sunday, February 21, 2010

propagate parenthood

It makes a big economic difference whether you get your children during or after your studies .... or whether you wait until you got your first job.
My illustration shows a woman who will make her university thesis finished before she must deliver her child, she says: "now it lacks only a paragraph of text..."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teaching book for third grade

I did these watercolor illustrations for the chapter about rhymes. The rhyme is written by danish author Halfdan Rasmussen, and was a lot of fun illustrating. There are such an overload of crazy imagery in his text, so the hard part was to decide what not to illustrate.

Danish is a 'bit' different from english, so here is a translation of the objects I decided to illustrate:

Is på gris = ice rhymes on pig.
And på mand = Duck rhymes on man
Ris på fnis = Rice rhymes on to giggle
Blåt på gråt = Blue rhymes on gray
Nattevind på katteskind = Night wind rhymes on cat fur

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The hungry book

Kenneth Bøgh Andersen wrote this shortstory "Slut/ The End" About a boy who is not a big reader, 'cause he is dyslexic. One day he finds a tiny book with the title "The End/ Slut", or he thinks thats the title anyway. The story is about a boy who finds a tiny book ...... all of a sudden the book comes alive, the lines of text transforms into a face and long tentakles of types are shooting out from the page, holding on to the boy and drags him into the book where he is being devoured. The book closes again and the title shows up to be "Sult /Starving" instead of "Slut/ The End". At the end of the story a girl comes around and pick up the book and read "A girl picks up the book and start reading..."
The story is part of Læseraketten 2010 and will be distributed to all elementary schools in Denmark