Friday, November 30, 2012

The Antboy film - the mad scientist

I was lucky to be allowed to attend how Antboy film becomes two occasions: a fight in a backyard where Pelle has his first action as Antboy where he stops a thief, and the scene where Pelle has just been bitten by the genetically modified ant, collapses and with blurry eyes see a figure coming towards him ... and then he passes out. 

The figure is the mad scientist who is super villain Flea played by Nicolas Bro .... in this scene I am his standin, and thus the last Pelle sees with his blurry eyes before he faints.  
There is approx. 30 kg difference in weight and 2 numbers in shoe size between Nicolas and me .... but it is as I said Pelle seen through blurred eyes.
Here is how the scientist appears in the book, where he is part older and leaner than in the movie.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Antboy vs. the Flea

in the Antboy film the super villain "the Flea" is played by Nicolas Bro .... the costume looks a lot cooler than the outfit I made him wear in the book version .... and the mad scientist who is inside the dress, is a lot older in the books. I look forward to the movie and how the fights between Antboy and the Flea will look like .... probably a lot cooler than in the book. But anyway here is the illustration from book 3, where Antboy and the Flea fights in the cellar of his house.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The house of the supervillain - in the film and in the book

The Terror Twins - book version and film version

Antboy - the book version and the film version

Antboy in the books have created his outfit, his superhero suit, by himself, using bits and pieces from his old Halloween costumes: his musketeer dress, his ninja dress, his wizard (Merlin) outfit, his alien monster suit and two tea strainers .... being a skilled and talented tailor he sew all the pieces together for his superhero costume - 10 year old boys can not afford to buy expensive drugs or get the suit made ​​by a professional, which could also ruin the whole idea about having a secret identity.

In the film Antboy has gotten the cool costume he probably would have dreamed of getting in the books
. It is Denmark's history most expensive film costume ... and probably the coolest heroes clothes if you ask me ...

The film premieres in the fall of 2013


Antboy - the logo from the books is being used in the film

I designed the Antboy logo back in 2007. Besides being on the front of the book the logo is placed og the chest of his superhero outfit. I did a bunch of different sketches before I ended up with the right design. Some of the sketches I drew at a napkin at a party where I sat next to the Antboy author Kenneth Bøgh Andersen ... so his comments and feedback played an important role in coming up with the logo. The Antboy letterhead was designed by graphic designer Leo Scherfig.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sankt Stefan/Saint Stephen illustration

I was recently asked if I wanted to illustrate a text from the Bible. A text that is being read the second Christmas Day in the priest's sermon. The text is about the Saint Stephen ....  and the short version of the story is that, in the year 35 ac. the new movement of Jesus-followers in Jerusalem had an accomplished preacher in Stephen. He was so good at preaching, that he had to be killed by those who were againt Christianity. Therefore, he is regarded as Christianity's first martyr.

In the time after Jesus' death and resurrection
Saint Stephen went around and preached the gospel in the streets of Jerusalem. Stefan was a very strong rhetoric and his opponents found it difficult to win on pure reasoning and even staged a trial and accused him of blasphemy, but they couldn't beat him by pure arguments and therefore he was shut up in a different way = stoned to death.

One of the spectators was the young Saul. Watching the stooning made him convert to Christianity and he later became known as the evangelist Paul.

The moral is that you can kill the messenger killed but not the message.

You can read more about the saint here

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mass murderer crusader was declared not insane

The Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik has been sentenced custody of min. 10 years and max. 21 years in prison, which means that he has been declared sane and not insane.

Anders Breivik has previously said that he would appeal the verdict if he was declared insane and was given a treatment sentence. So mass murderer can be happy judgment states that he was aware of what he did on 22 July 2011.

When a self-appointed crusader with 77 deaths on his conscience can be declared normal, it must open the possibility of his recovery of a number of other killings lustful psychopaths

Thanks to Gorm Vølver, ATS, Politiken for the idea - the cartoon is printed in this years "Blæksprutten"

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bjarne CoryDon Corleone - the Finance Minister

The budget for 2013 is in place. Agreement has been reached between the government and The Red-Green Alliance.
Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon (the financial Godfather of the government) describes it as a financially responsible agreement, but The Red-Green Alliance is not satisfied with the social aspects of the agreement..... they tried to put presure on him during the negotiations, but didn't succeed...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cut down on spending or financing a kick start?

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande are fighting for the Euro so the "Greek disease" doesn't not spread to the rest of the euro zone.
The finance ministers of the euro zone has agreed on a stimulus package to help Greece back on its feet, but they fear that the country would not implement the promised reforms that were a prerequisite for the massive help ..... and then there is still a very large proportion of Greeks not paying taxes in the corruption-ridden country.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dating the Panda

The Greenland government has entered into final negotiations with China's largest state bank on the financing of a major mining project, which will give the Chinese access to Greenland's coveted natural resources
China is the only one that has proved genuinely interested in making the necessary investment = financing it .....but the Military Intelligence Service warns that the great interest among other countries in Greenland resources = major powers like the U.S., EU, Russia besides China, puts great security interests in play. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The annual bookfair - Bogforum

Last week the annual satirical magazine "Blæksprutten" (The Squid) came out for the 124th. year. I have been a part of the group of political carttonist and writers who creates the content for the last four years, and hope to continue for the years to come.
This year I collaborated with two of the writers: Mette Frobenius and Jens Ole Rasmussen, and did a couple of my own ideas as well.
Today I was interviewed about political satire and my big graphic novel project at the annual book fair Bogforum by Matthias Wivel. If you read this before sunday evening and are in the Copenhagen area, I would strongly recommend you to go and experience the annual bookfair .... and check out the new area for comicbooks.
Here are some pictures of me from todays interview, and a one page political satire on the primeministers lack of popularity - based on the old childrens book "Palle alene i verden"
Jens Ole Rasmussen came up with the idea and wrote the text.