Friday, February 22, 2013

Metropol University College film

This Speed drawn / White Board film I have done with Bulldog and Partners puts pictures on the Metropol University College Strategy for 2020 and explains why and how to create the best education and professions ever.

Look with when Metropol represents the path to better education and stronger professions. The film offers a trip through the five strategic objectives to subscribe Metropolitan's development over the coming years, and to ensure that we educate graduates who both know their craft and are able to develop future professions.

for a short fairytale written by Lise Bidstrup

Lise Bidstrup has written a short fairytale for a collection of short stories for young readers called "Ordet Fanger". I was lucky to be picked as the illustrator for her tale about a witch, three wishes and modern day reality-tv stars.
This is one of the first illustrations I have drawn on my Cintiq - I already enjoy my new gadget and will have lots of fun working on it as I  become more familiar with it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AKB, København - 1913 - 2013

Recently I completed this white board film with Bulldog and Partners. Our customer: housing company AKB København would like to have the red color changed to a blue that was close to their logos color.

The film is made for their 100 year anniversary, which you can read more about here

AKB, København - 1913 - 2013 = 100 years of creating the framework for life in Copenhagen.

Boligselskabet BAC, Copenhagen has been part of the general housing market for 100 years! we were there from the start as ecology and energy savings were focus areas, we have helped to create new, innovative framework for elderly and vulnerable - and we're not finished exploring the possibilities for public housing yet.