Saturday, February 26, 2011

Warning: meat eaters

I did these caged dragon babies for a for a picture book with children book illustrator from the danish writers association.
I was given a pretty abstract text about two in an egg, that are looking out at the world for the first time trying to figure out what they are and what the wanna be. They can see some green and yellow stuff laying on the ground and some long dark lines that goes all the way up and all the way down...hmm..well I had free hands to interpret the text in my I decided for dragons instead birds.
As far as I have been told, we were three illustrators who have been interpreting this text...Im curious to see what the other two have come up with.
Anyway I had a lot of fun drawing this.
The book will be out in the fall.

I won the Willumsen Graphic Novel competition

Yeaterday I won first prize in the J. F. Willumsen Graphic Novel competition. Besides the prize I won the right to develop my project with Rosinante Publishing house. There is a lot of work ahead before the book is done, but I look forward to the process of turning this artsit life and work into an interesting story, that will not only appeal to comicbook fans and fans of J. F. Willumsen art.
Click here to watch a short film about the artist J. F. Willumsen and his subtitled in enhlish.
Thanks for reading.