Saturday, January 23, 2010

A clumsy candy thief

This image is for a childrensbook with 12 stories with the theme 'light'. The book is a a result of 12 collaborations between danish authors and nepali illustrators and the other way around: danish illustrators and nepali authors. The book is published by the danish authors union.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Politiken iByen: "The Cultural Events of 2010 we look forward to"

I have made another 'tetris'-illustration of the different main cultural events in the year to come. Within danish film Thomas Vinterberg's 'Submarino' is awaited with strong anticipation ... will it be his big comeback after 'The Celebration'?.

I have included Thomas Vinterberg, the two main characters from Erik Clausens new film 'Ledsaget udgang 2', to show the expectations within danish films in 2010. Within Fine Art, I have drawn Bjørn Nørgaard and Christian Lemmerz + som Juan Miro sculpures. From the world of theater I have drawn from the plays ´Moskva' and 'Saló' and finally from anticipated concerts of 2010: Whitney Houston, KISS and Dj Tiësto.

The critics at Politiken IByen has chosen three people within the film, theater and fine art that will get their breakthrough in 2010. You can read the article here (in danish!)

Politiken iByen: "The Best Cultural Events of 2009"

I made this cover for the IByen section of Politiken. This issue of Ibyen made a list of the best theater show, best movies, best artshows and the best concerts in 2009... and I have made a 'tetris'-illustration that combines Max Ernst, the theater plays 'Pornography', 'Richard the 3rd' and 'Stuk' by Herman Bang, Lars von Triers movie 'Antichrist', Pixar's 'Up', the 'This is it' - Michael Jackson movie, Malk de Koijns comeback concert and the AC DC concert.