Saturday, September 15, 2007

Posters group 2 and 5 Vollsmosecamp

Vollsmosecamp - the process

Me and my collegue Leo Scherfig ( spendt a couple of days at Vollsmose-camp, were we ended up making 7 posters, that summons up the 7 challenges this part of the city is facing.

The proces: Me and Leo were hired though the consultancy company Implement, to summon up the different conversations and discussions and translate it into images and short sentences on a poster.

After day one we worked all night to organize the information, finding the right images and symbols, we could compose a poster with, that would make sense. In the morning we presented the seven results to the seven groups, and like looking in a mirror, they became aware of their message, the challenge. The group were able to get sharper and more specfic with their 'challenge'/theme. Me and Leo then reworked the posters until they said what the seven groups concluded. Then me and Leo went back to Copenhagen and cleaned up the posters. Gave them final touch.

- Me and Leo working within the local church wre the 'camp' was held
- Sketchbook scribling ideas down for posters
- The posters from day 1 and how the changed over day 2
- Final posters for group 2 (ownership) and group 5 (relationship)

It was intense and good experience to be part of the Vollsmose Camp. Creatively challenging!

posters for Vollsmosecamp

Here are the final posters that summon up the experience and knowledge on how to change a 'ghetto' around, the ´Vollsmose konsulatet´ has gathered since 2000.

The themes for the posters are:
- How do we keep people from moving out of Vollsmose as soon as they get a job
- How can we improve healthcare
- How can we as a city utilize the young peoples potential
- How can we brand Vollsmose
- How can we get the city, Odense, and Vollsmose to get a common benefitial relationship
- How can we make the schools attractive
- How can we get the citizens to fell ownership and take initiative

The posters were done in a collaboration between me and Leo Scherfig (The Legalizer) and the 80 participants in the two day VollsmoseCamp, September 2007.

The poster are now being printed and will be posted around Odense.