Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cover for the Peterejlerseen comic book strips

Between august 2008 and January 2009 I did 19 comic strips for the book section of danish paper Dagbladet Information.
The story, the hexameter tale 'Peterejlerseen', that was one of many absurd and crazy tales written on verse in the book 'Katalonien'. I brooke the hexameter tale into nineteen parts.
I have chosen to get the comic strips printed on my own, so I can send them out to my regular clients as a little Christmas gift.
The strips are printed on a 100cm X 22cm sheet of paper, on both sides and folded nine times....If you read this an´want me to mail you a copy..then please send me an email with your adress to
You can see all niniteen comic strips here

Entangled by religion .. (God at the University campus)

I did this spread and vignette illustration for a university magazine for law and economy students..... about how and if they have a use for the church and gospel. I drew in the ten commands so there would be something for the law students and 'the invisible hand that controls the market' for the economy students.... and well I added a monkey in an fight with the priest, just to get the Darwin vs. God into the spread.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blæksprutten 2009: "what a strange taste"

E-coli is found in one out of ten groundwater wells .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

cartoons that didn't get into 'Blæksprutten'

Sick puppies has been smuggled in from Eastern Europe and sold to (naive) dog-loving danes..... in many cases the puppy did after a short while.

cartoons that didn't get into 'Blæksprutten'

This is one of my cartoons that didn't get into the annual "Blæksprutten". But this year Gyldendal (the publishing house) have posted all the 'outtakes' on their website....check it out at:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

pictures from Blæksprutten release party

The Minister of Economic and Business Affair, Lene Espersen, was names 'årets blæksputte 2009' last thuesday. The Minister has made several 'screw-ups' over the last year which make her qualify for this honorable award, a red squid puppet and and original Roald Als caricature drawing.
Jan Gintberg and Sebastian Dorset were the presenters at the release party for the annual satirical Blæksprutten-book.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cartoons that didn't get into 'Blæksprutten'

Muscle dogs like Amstaff, Pittbull, American Bulldog and similar breeds that attacks humans and smaller dogs, have been a big issue for a long time. Instead of just putting and aggressive dog to rest, the dog is being evaluated.....and then perhaps..put to sleep. Dog owners with a muscle dog says that the problem is not the breed but (some of) the owners.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Le Mont St. Michel

Finally we stayed for two nights at the island of Mont St. Michel.
The place was very impressive like a mix between Minas Tikrit from Lord of the Rings and the Wizard city from Harry Potter.
It's difficult to get the complexity of the city down on paper, but I tried.

D-day beaches

We got a guided tour through the D-day beaches where American, English and Canadian soldiers landed at june the 6th. 1944, and we saw the american war cemetary...almost 10.000 makes stop and think, so much death and destruction in order to free europe.
We had lunch in the city where the british had built an artificial harbor in order to land their vehicles etc.

The city of Bayeux

We stayed in Bayeux for two nights. Here we saw the Bayeux Tapestry ...... maybe the first european graphic novel!

sketches from paris

Visiting Charlie Hebdo, Paris - a weekly satirical newspaper

On my annual trip with the danish cartoonist association, I was fortunate to visit Charlie Hebdothe day they were finishing up that weeks newspaper. Charlie Hebdo employs 13 full time cartoonists, and is one out of three weekly political satire newspapers in France (the other two are: 'Siné Hebdo' and 'Le Canard Enchiné').
The cover features the Interior Minister that are expelling some Afghan refugees. The minister says "you wanna sit by the aisle or by the window".

Leave nothing behind

On November 4, Danish Cartoonists will launch a satiric homepage. Every day
up to and during the UN Climate Change Conference COP15 in Copenhagen,
various cartoonists will contribute with a satiric drawing related to
"climate and climate change conference". Straight out the cartoonists and
drawings will currently comment on the climate debate, and in this way try
to illustrate the outstanding part that cartoonists play in the media.