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Antboy -nominated for the ORLA award

Antboy 1 is one of six nominees for best comicbook 2006.
There are not that many comicbook pages in the book, 'cause it's a novel. But what a superhero story that writer Kenneth Bøgh Andersen have written. If you haven't read it already, run down and get at your local's worth your money and time!
Remember to vote for antboy at the ORLA website

and visit the Antboy webpage, where you can play the amazing "shoot down villains with acid-pee"

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Antboy -the beginning

Antboy book one has been nominated for the ORLA Award, as the best comicbook for 2007, by DR. Go to:, and vote!

I got hired to do the illustrations for Antboy 1-3 in june 2006.
The writer Kenneth Bøgh Andersen and the editor Christel Amundsen had seen my Superhero theme for kids in Samvirke magazine, and wanted me to illustrate this superhero tale for kids.
It was a long process figuring out the charachters, the style and how the covers should look. Here are some images that shows that process.

The first two books came out in january 2007, and number 3 in april. The books have become a huge succes and will hopefully turn into a new series. I really enjoyed working with Kenneth, that I also have illustrated a horrorstories for kids book since:

The Energy Agents

I did this assignment recently for an advertising agency. The Artdirectors son had been reading the Antboy books, and really liked the illustrations I had made for the books, so he called me and asked me if I would do the artwork for the E-Agents: a webpage teaching kids how to conserve energy at home. I designed the two agents, a gadget, the logo for their keystrap and four rooms.

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In theory (Comicbook theory) lightning could bring a Frankenstein pig back to life.

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The different step and rules it takes to learn how to use a mindmap.
I am happy with the way the layout turned out for this spread