Friday, July 31, 2009

illustration in progress

I was selected to do a one page illustration for a childrenbook, over the theme "light" by the danish authors union (dansk forfatterforening). My illustration/interpretation of the theme, would be end to an author Nepal, that would come up with a story that suited the image, then I would recieve his story and refine my illustration and do two vignettes. I just recieved the story the other day, so I havent completed my illustration yet, or done the two vignettes yet. As soon as I have everything done, I'll post it with the story (1077 words)
The story and illustrations will be printed in a book together with 11 other Nepal-Denmark collaborations between author and illustrator.

Monday, July 13, 2009

sketchbook drawings from Skagen

I just got back from one week of vacation in Skagen. It almost rained constantly, but I was able to get these two sketchbook drawings done during one of the small breaks from the rain. Before going to Skagen I had st my mind up for doing some drawings of the Karstensens shipyard : Im very fasinated by the shape of the hull of a ship, and when the vessel is put on shore evrything normally hidden bellow the surface of the water is a shipyard is a cool place to draw..I highly recommended it for anyone eager to sketch from life

Friday, July 3, 2009

This book will give you shaky hands

I completed this horrorstory bookcover recently. The book containing a bunch of grayscale illustrations (to see them click here) will be out in the fall.
I will be on stage at Copenhagen Bookforum November the 15th. 1 pm...drawing in front of an audience while the author (Jacob Weinreich) will be reading from the book.