Tuesday, December 22, 2009

making the Bigger Picture of COP15

With Ole Qvist-Sørensen as the anchorman, we have been working on putting together the history of the UN Climate Change Conferences, The environmental reason why we are here at COP15, the two negotiation tracks, the different negotiating block (EU, the Umbrella Group, G77 + China etc.), the issues there will be discussed, the obstacles, WWF's priorities and the possible outcome.
Ole and Stine Explains what we are doing here

and Ole Qvist-Sørensen from Bigger Picture explains how he sees the bigger picture of the COP15 here

To read more about WWF, Bigger Picture and our work during the UN Climate Change Conference COP15, please check the COP15 Visualised website here

by the way it's Bjørn Lomborg 'The Sceptic Environmentalist' thats being interviewed in the forground .. and me an Thomas Thorhauge drawing on the mural in the mural in the back.

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making a big cartoon about Tuvalu

Everyday at the COP15 we (Stine, Ole, Thomas, Jane and I) did a poster size drawing that would 'advertise' for our workstation. Friday the 11.th of December I came up with a cartoon idea on my trainride to the Bella Center ... about a couple that worries about the lack of progress in the negotiations ensuring a rise in temperature be kept below 1,5 degrees celcius. I had only put a few lines on the paper before the image caught the interest of a journalist with a camera. He was from one of the small island states and liked the cartoons and we made an interview. Later on a journalist from Cook Island interviewed and filmed me ... you can see the interview here
Later on I did a smaller version of the cartoon for *Draw the Line'

stuff that didn't get into 'Draw the Line'

Draw the Line - The Visual News from COP15

Making the Visual News at COP15

Bigger Picture had planned to publish a small four page visual news five time during the COP15. The 'paper' was named 'Draw the Line' by Stine Arensbach from Bigger Picture. Everyday at 2:30 pm we had an editorial meeting with Martin and Christian from WWF Comms-Group, where we would would talk about the hot topic and they would go through our sketches and approve or disapprove of our ideas for visual explanation tools and cartoons.
Each issue of 'Draw the Line' was printed in 3000-4000 copies and distributed at the Bella Center.

Martin Hiller from WWF explains why they want to use visuals in their communication ... click here

The day before the COP started I came up with an idea for a small comicstrip about a polarbear and a pinguin and an iceflake .... 'cause a paper gotta have a comicstrip. Luckily for me WWF liked it, so my work wasn't wasted.

Cartoons from the newspaper COP15Post

The english language newspaper the Copenhagen Post decided to publish a special COP15 newspaper during the United Nations Climate Change Conference here in Copenhagen. The COP15 opened the 7.th and ended the 19.th of December ... one day later than planned..... but that's how it is when many different interests have to meet and agree.
I did five cartoons for the paper over the two weeks. Two of the cartoons were 'recycled' from the www.caricature.dk site, the three others were done at the Bella Center where the Cop15 was held. I was hired by the company Bigger Picture to do Graphic Recordings and Visual Observations and explanations of what went on.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

prints for sale at CMYK shop, copenhagen

These prints are for sale at CMYK kld. shop in Copenhagen. The images have been printed in danish newspaper Politiken during 2009. At CMYK kld shop each image will be printed on high quality paper in A4 size (210mm X 297mm), the price is 85,00 danish kroners. You can contact the shop through their Facebook page here