Friday, August 31, 2012

the UN is (no longer) monitoring the situation in Syria

I did this Political Cartoon the of august about: The UN Security Counsil that can't agree on actions against Assad in Syria ('cause Russia and others are against an intervention) - well the situation hasn't gotten any better since I drew this a month ago, and the day after (August 2.) Kofi Annan stepped back ... so things have actually gotten worse, but the media seems to have lost some interest in the conflict, so now Assad can go about his business without being bothered by the UN and the Media - that's sad

Thursday, August 23, 2012

developing the storyline and images for a white board film

Once the communication department at KAB Bolig has a loose storyline the director Pierre and me meet with them. Then we sit down and go over the storyline while I sketch and come up with visual ideas and different ways to resolve the storyline. The text and image develops and grows into each other from this point in the process, and most of the time (after a few meetings) I can go home and refine the drawing and we have a first draft for the visual script.
Here is the first draft of the storyline and my rough sketches from the meeting. I draw with red and black 'cause that the look the final film will end up with, so I might as well work within the design rules even at a sketch level.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

visual manuscript and storyboard

After I have made a few corrections I got the final and approved drawing, that is going to be the white board film.
Each little part of the big drawing has its own number that refers to the line of text from the manuscript. The match up between text and image is essential for the timing once the film is shot, and the numbers from 1 to 54 lays down the path of the camera movement.
Next step after approved visual manuscript: The director Pierre Follett Beckmann fra Bulldog and Partners, puts together a story board in order to get the 9:16 framing right, and find better and smarter ways for the camera to move across the drawing as it is being drawn step by step.
The day we shot the film we used a projector in order to get the drawing accurate, which is pretty important 'cause the final drawing is going to form the shape of the KAB company logo.

KAB Bolig boliglisten film