Tuesday, November 18, 2008

kidspages for the christmas issue

These are the last set of kidspages for Samvirke magazine I will be doing. From 2009 the magazine have decided to not to bring pages for kids anymore. So my christmas issue will be the last appearance for the donkey and his friend, the pig.
Over the last three years I have illustrated and layouted 65 spreads = 130 pages.
I has been fun to work with the kidspages, but everything has an end and I feel ready to try something new.
I hope the readers have enjoyed my effort since january 2006.
Below this post I have posted 5 spreads from each of the three years. To see more, go to my webpage

Thanks for reading


My first kidspages, January 2006

In September 2005 I was contacted by Samvirke magazine. They asked me I would be interested in doing two spreads for them each month, both the illustrations and the layout in Indesign. I was thrilled and said yes, but didn't know Indesing by that time. I imagined that I would learn it quickly, and by the help from some colleagues at Kathart I was able to get a hang of it.

The first set of spreads were printed in the magazine january 2006.

In the beginning I did the illustrations before I did the layout. This was a time consuming and problematic way of working, and the spread layouts looked scattered. After a while I realized that the pages would look and work better, if I did one big splash-illustration that covered all the different topics from the small text boxes, instead of one image for each text.
Over the three years I have done the children pages, I have learned about layout and how to find images that suits my layouts...or layouts that suits my obsession to do over complicated and detailed illustrations (it has a name horror vacui)

I am grateful that Samvirke gave me the opportunity to work on this project.

Kidspages 2006

Kidspages 2007

kidspages 2008

From the month of May the format changed. Instead of two spreads containing an interview with kids on a given topic, photos of them and a crossword puzzle as elements each issue. The target group was adjusted from kids around 8 to 10 years old, to preschool kids. One spread with a story and an instruction to the reader (the parent) on how to built something with the kid.