Monday, June 23, 2014

The Execution Spiral

execution spiral - when all energy is spent on operations and fire fighting ... having no time for evaluation and innovation ... or prioritizing it

Thursday, June 19, 2014

old fashioned leadership

some of the drawings (the parts) for the Junkie-intro

for the TV-programme "Junkie - whats your drug?" at DR3

I did a lot of visual work for the 6 "Junkie" episodes that ran recently on National TV DR3. In January I did portraits of the three test-persons/Junkies : Nikhil - addicted to social medias, especialy his phone, Jacob addicted to food - both cooking and eating it ... and finally Nanna who has been a smoker since the age of eleven. The 6 programs deals with addiction - how the brain works when we first get addicted and when we try to get out of addiction.
Besides the portraits of the three "Junkies" I did a bunch of Adobe After Effect Animation films with the amazingly talented Hvorforikk-studio guys (Mikkel, Ditlev and Martin) = small breakers, that explains the science behind the different test each subject is put through.

Link to the DR3 program here

Watch the intro here

Adjusting the way you do things VS changing the way you do things

Monday, June 16, 2014

Giving a talk about Graphic recording at a Design School

April the 9th. I gave a talk about Graphic Recording, Sketch Notes and Graphic Facilitation in front of the first, second and third year visual communication students at my old school: Designskolen Kolding. I had prepared everything beforehand and hardly did any live drawing examples in front of the students .... it's kind of difficult to prepare and talk about something that in its nature is unprepared ..... I mean you listen, synthesize the content and connect the information = write and draw ... you are behind the process = picking up the points, as when you give a talk/ speech, where you know what you're gonna say (hopefully) ... and everything is very prepared. Its my feeling that it went well and the students liked it ... especially my "what you can do with illustration"-chart