Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A contraption that can prevent the public from 'dangerous' comicbooks

A panel discussion took place at Copenhagen University dealing with a suggested law against drawn images of naked children.... Not photos which of cause is forbidden, but drawing of pure fantasy where noone was harmed = a law against fantasies ...

If this law is passed how will it effect, not only future artwork, but also all the books with Egon Schiele paintings, Sally Mann photographys etc. ... Artbooks a lot of people have on their bookshelf...these people will they all of a sudden be considered crimals with possesion of Child Pornography.. if the law against 'manga' is passed here .. like it already is in Sweden.

A law that criminalize not only actions but also fantasies and ideas.... cause they might lead to actions .... hmmm... it's kinda like "Minority Report"..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the Prohibition of Torture is a Human Right

so after all...danish soldiers understanding of how you help to built a democracy, included handing over prisioners to local police, that later would torture them....well technically the danish troops handed the prisoners over to the british troops...and therefore didn't know what happened hereafter...hmmmm!
Being Georg Bush's pet and at the same time act acording to the European bill of Human Rights isn't as easy...as it sounds on TV...first we were caught on tape handing over prisoners to torture in Afghanistan..and now Wikileaks have revealed we did the same thing in Iraq....nice and comforting that the primeminister who allowed it, is now the head of NATO!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blæksprutten 2010....about the law against agressive 'muscle'-dogs

Now it's up to the owner to prove his dog doesn't belong to the breeds that have been banned (Pittbull Terrier, Americans Stafford Terrier and 19 other breeds). Thanks to Ole Knudsen for comming up with the idea.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blæksprutten 2010....about electric cars

A cartoon for the annual publication Blæksprutten, that features political cartoons and writings about the year 2010...what happened and what where the issues we remember.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blæksprutten 2010....a cartoon about the financial situation caused by the Greek economy

Greece tricked their way into the Euro on false pretenses. It has cost us dearly, and therefore the convergence criteria is taken seriously in future.....and that means, that Denamrk, who is not even part of the Euro, has to make budget cuts to live up to the deficit requirements set down by the ECB: European Central Bank.

Blæksprutten 2010....a cartoon that didn't make it to the book

Swedish car brand Volvo has been sold to the Chinese.

Volvo has iconic status as the car that symbolizes, that you are full established ..... owning a Villa, a Volvo and a doggie ... so all that's lacking is just a tall hedge around your property.

I have submitted 15+ political cartoons for this years Blæksprutten (annual satirical book). I don't know how many of my cartoons, that will make it to the final book, but this ones was turned down before I did the coloring.The 2010 Blæksprutten book is available at your local (danish) bookstore from November the 10th.

sketches from Frankfurt Zoo

Yesterday I got a chance to visit Frankfurt Zoo and sketch some animals. The Zoo seemed smaller than the one here in Copenhagen, and they had fewer animals, but they had two Black Rhinos, and here we only have the White Rhinos with small horns...so I was excited.

Frankfurt by night

This is the skyline of Frankfurt by night, seen from my Hotel room 608 at Flemings Hotel bei Eichenheimer Turm, Frankfurt.