Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dragon theme for Kidspages

In the East dragons are good and in the West they are mean.....maybe we should rotate dragons every now and then.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

IF: "Trick or Treat" - happy Halloween

I did thes drawing a while ago, but they went so well with the theme this week.
The illustrations were done for a section of a magazine intended for kids. The drawing is for a quiz: The kids have to fugure out how far the witch had to travel to gather all her ingredienses for her witch soup. The map at the lefthand corner should give the kids a clue.
The witch on the broomstick is for a 'design a modern broomstick' -competition.

I have designed the compositon so it allows me to fitt text into the image and around it.

You can see the final layout with text and all here:

Have a great Halloween

Saturday, October 20, 2007

IF: "Grow" -concerning the growing population of Red King Crabs

I just did this illustration about invasive species for a magazine.

The red king crab is most commonly caught in the Bering Sea and Norton Sound, Alaska. Recently, an overpopulation of red king crabs in the Barents Sea is causing concern about the local biosystems. It was introduced artificially in the Murmansk Fjord in Russia during the 1960s to provide new catch for the Soviet fishermen. Since its introduction it has spread west along the Norwegian coast and also towards the island group of Svalbard. Environmentalists and some local fishermen fear the crab because it eats everything it comes across and is spreading very rapidly. The red king crab has been moving down the norwegian coastline since 1976 and is slowly heading towards Denmark.

The little orange crab tells her husband with the remote: "It's your cousins from Russia! I hope they are staying just for the weekend..."

Monday, October 15, 2007

IF: "Extremes" -the letter L

An extreme situation. How often do you see a young boy with wings reading a womans magazine?

The letter L, being a consonant, is pronounces as the sound of EL. This is ELSKOV (in English making love), which can be heard as L Skov (an L forrest) illustratione of the letter L...well and Cupid is reading Elle..LLLLL

I hope you LLLLLLike it


Monday, October 8, 2007

Drawings from the Zoo

I spend three hours drawing animals in Copenhagen Zoo in my sketchbook yesterday with a bunch of collegues.