Monday, September 29, 2014

My first white board-explanatory films (Number 31-40 done in 2013 - 2014)


31. Nets – ”Vision and Mission” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2013

32. Dansk Metal – ”Ny IT-platform” together with Implement Consulting Group og Bulldog and Partners, 2013

33. Metropol – ”The MetropolEducations” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2014

34. Novo Nordisk – ”Customer Contact System Europe” together with Simon Rubin, 2014

35. DR3 – ”Junkie intro” together with, 2014

36. DR3 – ”Belønning minus kontrol = afhængighed” together with, 2014

37. DR3 – ”Afhængighed = Dopamin” together with, 2014

38. DR3 – ”det limbiske system” together with, 2014

39. DR3 – ”Det bliver aldrig så god som første gang” together with, 2014

40. DR3 – ”Miljøets betydning” together with, 2014

My first white board-explanatory films (Number 21-30 done in 2012 - 2013)


21. Ombudsmanden børnekontor - ”Indraget mobiltelefon” together with Bysted, 2012

22. 1CorpTech – ”Who are weat 1CT?” together with OpticCircus, 2012

23. 1CorpTech – ”How do weinvest at 1CT?” together with OpticCircus, 2012

24. 1CorpTech – ”What do we do at 1CT?” together with OpticCircus, 2012

25. KAB-Bolig – ”AKB 100 år” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2012

26. Novo Nordisk – ”Market Access” together with Brief Concept Bureau, 2012

27. Metropol – ”Metropoluddannelserne” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2013

28. Carlsberg – ”New Operating System” together with Implement Consulting Group and Bulldog andPartners,2013

29. Novo Nordisk – ”Compliance Hotline” together with Novo Nordisk Filmsolution, 2013

30. Rederiet Norden – ”CSRstrategy” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2013

Friday, September 26, 2014

My first white board-explanatory films (Number 11-20 done in 2012)

11. KAB-Bolig – ”Fremtidssikring” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2012

12. Novo Nordisk – ”Business Ethics” together with Novo Nordisk Filmsolution (the film was drawn and filmed twice) , 2012

13. Inwido – ”The future of windows and doors” together with Implement Consulting Group og Bulldog andPartners, 2012

14. KAB-Bolig – ”Bolignøglen” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2012

15. DONG – ”Kunden i centrum” together with Implement Consulting Group og Bulldog and Partners, 2012

16. ICph – ”Tekboost” together with GreenCph, 2012

17. KAB-Bolig – ”Almen Bolig+” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2012

18. Ombudsmanden børnekontor - ”Flyttet fra ordblindeskole” together with Bysted, 2012

19. Ombudsmanden børnekontor -”Et andet sted at bo” together with Bysted, 2012

20. Ombudsmanden børnekontor - ”Døgninstitution” together with Bysted, 2012

My first white board-explanatory films (Number 1-10 done 2011-2012)

Thursday, September the 18th. I drew my explanatory whiteboard film no. 50 (with Bulldog and Partners in Vesterbro), three years after I drew my first, and so far the longest, explanatory film for Implement Consulting Group.  

Over the last three years I have worked with 11 different production company for the development of explanatory films, which have been drawn live on the white board, paper, or made ​​as 'move-animation' in After-effects

The shortest film was 10 seconds long (to DR3) and the longest, which was the first, more than 8 minutes. 

The film's themes are always a challenge to put into a story or just an understandable speak.  

During the three years I have drawn these films,  I have learned a lot about the interplay between words and images, what story telling can do, on collaboration with clients and colleagues, and on the timing and camera movement.

Here is a list of film 01-10: Client, Title, Production Company, year ... most films were made for internal use, but some can be seen online.

01. Implement Consulting Group – Roger Martin ”The Execution Trap” together with Jesper Valbo, 2011

02. Novo Nordisk - ”CMC API”-film together with Jesper Valbo (the film was done twice) , 2011

03. Højteknologifonden - ”Enverden af muligheder” together with Produktionskontoret Aps. , 2011

04. Højteknologifonden - ”AWorld of opportunities” together with Produktionskontoret Aps. , 2011

05. KAB-Bolig - ”Beboerdemokrati” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2011

06. KAB-Bolig - ”TenantsDemocracy” together with Bulldog and Partners, 2011

07. Novo Nordisk - ”Organisational Audit” m. Novo Nordisk Filmsolution, 2011

08. Novo Nordisk - ”Facilitation” together with Novo Nordisk Filmsolution, 2011

09. Novo Nordisk - ”Group Internal Audit” together with Novo Nordisk Filmsolution, 2011

10. DONG Energy - ”Energi Partnerschaft” together with Citizen Dane, 2012

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The cover before Photoshop

Just line and some sepia water color

The Bookcover of "Vampire in 7th. grade" - Seven new horror stories by Morten Dürr

for the cover of the book I drew another version of the monster Noh which changes shape. Since it was front and there was more space to detail, I decided to add a lot of tentacles (you can never get enough of slimy tentacles!)


The image is drawn with a Pilot Drawing Pen, sepia watercolor and Photoshop.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food for Nanu - a horror story

Out in the woods live two man-eating, and very hungry monsters. 

One monster (Nanu) is larger than the other (Noh), and therefore it is the little monster (Noh) to obtain food. The food consists of human flesh - preferably from children.

The monsters can turn their inside out on themselves so they look like humans. Once they have changed their appearance, it is easier to awake trust - and lure small children home to the forest.


Young children who are eaten raw.

Besides from the sketchbook studies of monster-designs, all drawings are done in red crayon, permanent marker (Pilot Drawing Pen) and Sepia, Burnt Umber and Black inks and watercolors.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Illustrations for new horror stories from Morten Dürr - designing Azull

The horror book "The vampire in 7.A - and other black shock" will be published by Carlsen shortly before Bogforum (November 7 to 9). 

The book contains a series of short stories, and one of these is about the monster Azull who avenged themselves violently on a number of children who either did not believe him, or thought they could get away with bagataliserer his ability.

Azull can crawl through the ground and jump up, he has long claws and furry coat ..... the rest is my interpretation. Oh well .... so he tears to her eyes out on little boys and eat them .... or just to tear the arms of those tongue out and head of the little sister.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Illustrations for the book "Ethics for journalists on the web"

I recently did five illustrations for Jacob Albrecht and Andreas Marckmann Andreassen's new book which gives advice on writing for the web.

1. Internet challenges - when classic journalists must adapt to new media

2. The possibilities of the Internet - to correct errors immediately and are not captured by the ink, such as the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1948 declared the wrong winner of the election


3. Being a click-addict = hunting likes and shares, is worrying. It is not always the right solution just give people what one can measure that they want.

4 A newspaper which claims it never makes mistakes is suspicious

5 A Troll = a debater on the web that destroys the tone of the online debate

Friday, September 12, 2014

'Njord Vin' wine-label design...together with Ib Kjeldsmark

many months ago, I was the owner Njord Vin (wine) .. asked if I would design the label for their new Danish Pinot Noir wine. I had no experience with this type of assignment and allied myself with my skilled and experienced colleague Ib Kjeldsmark, and together we learned to put typography and graphics together.


Njord is a god of Norse mythology. He is the father of Freyr, the god of fertility, and Freya, the god of love. Freyr rides around a large golden brushed boar, if his father has the same way to transporte himself is uncertain .... but we decided to give him a wild boar. Maybe it's not historically accurate, but it looks good!

I am looking forward to tasting a glass of wine Njord when the first harvest is ready to get on the bottle. A bottle which now bears lbs and my design.

I'm not a big wine connoisseur, but when Paul Giamatti is willing to run through most of California in the movie "Sideways" just to drink different Pinot Noir wine ... I look forward to drinking a glass

Thursday, September 11, 2014

sketchbook drawings from Portland and New York

In July I attended the Illustration Conference in Portland, Oregon (awesome city) where I got to sketch a big old steel bridge.....

and in August I flew over the atlantic again to participate in my good friend Frank Stocktons wedding with Vanessa Schnaidt in Hudson, New York. On my way back I stayed a night at my friend and fellow political cartoonist and cartoonist (an idol) Steve Brodners appartment in Manhattan. Early in the morning I was able to draw the view from my window.

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