Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sketching animals

Yesterday I took a trip to the Copenhagen Zoo to sketch animals, with my friend Magnus Værness.
Here are the results from the day + a photo of Magnus drawing a Kattalemur. The young ones can crawl out between the bars of the cage, as you might be able to spot. Here you can see a little movie my friend Ib Kjeldsmark shot at the same Zoo a little while. Here you can see how a Kattalemur manage to get through the bars and crawl outside the cage.
Theres also a photo of a cow with a bra on its utter. Very strange...the only place I have seen this before is in Jørn Villumsens cartoons in Politiken.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rockstar quotes - a book pitch

I am doing this book-pitch in collaboration with graphic designer Leo Scherfig form The Legalizer and Turbine Forlaget .
Hopefully a bunch of the big bookstores will get excited with our book-pitch, and pre-order a whole stack of books.
Until we hear some feedback from the big bookstores, the project is on hold.