Friday, May 8, 2009

a book cover in progress

Back in 2006 I illustraded Kenneth Bøgh Andersens superhero bookserie Antboy, for young readers. The books have become very succesfull, and is now printed in Norway and will come out on the swedish market in the fall. Due to the big succes, the three books will reprinted here in Denmark and come out in a one big volume, and therefore I had to do an illustration for the new bookcover. The type and design will be handled by Leo Scherfig, the Legalizer. Click on this link to see cover and content from the bookseries.

The process for this cover has been like this: a two hour lunch meeting with the editor, the author, the graphic designer and me with paper and some markers. Two hours later and four sheets of paper with doodles on, we had agreed upon a design. Antboy jumping into the air with a powerfull gesture. The colors were limited to black, white and red.
The original inkdrawing measures 60 cm by 35 cm.

Thanks for reading.

Br. Erik


jazzlamb said...

Wow. Great work. I love how you put up the whole process!
Love it all.
There's so much to look through in your blog!

Erik Petri said...

Thank you for your comment.
I'll send you a copy of the book when it gets published...if you want.
Working within a small market gives me (or forces me) to be very versatile as an illustrator. But illustrating for books is special, 'cause it's out there for long, years after it's been made, compared to a magazine or newspaper.