Friday, September 25, 2009

Cover for Blæksprutten 2009

I did the cover for 'Blæksprutten' 2009. This satirical year review has been published since 1888, so I feel quite honored, that I was choosen to make the cover, the first year I'm contributing to the book. I have been a huge fan of political satire ever since I was a kid. My family always bought 'Blæksprutten' when it came out before Christmas, and a lot of the artist I admired then and now have contributed over the years. Artist like: Bo Bojesen, Poul Holck, Arne Ungermann and Roald Als
Now Im part of the team of cartoonist and writers that contributes with images, ideas and text to this marvelous publication. Im the new guy, so I just try to live up to my own expectations and learn as much as I can from the more experienced contributors....and I am enjoying every minute!

My cover features the Queens husband Prince Henrik. His Dachshound has bitten the Guardsmen multiple times, and there has been a discussion whether the dog is covered by royal imunity or not. At the same time the Prince is eager to have the Parlament changing the law, so he can become King instead of prince...and finally there has been a whole series of incidents where muscledogs have been attacking kids and small pets, and therefore have created a tense debate about these dogs...should they wear a muzzled. I have tried to cook all these different things into one image....that hopefully will sell a lot of 'Blæksprutten' at the stores.

In August American Cartoonist and Illustrator Steve Brodner and his friend Cynthia visited Copenhagen as a stop on theior Baltic Cruise. You can read his blogpost about his trip here. I was fortunate to spend the day with them. Steve has always been one of my big heroes due to his draughtmanship and his political satire. I was great talking to Steve about the art of satirical drawing, where the business is going and the differencies between big USA and tiny Denmark.

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NB: The annual review 'Blæksprutten' will be in the stores from November the 12th.


Connie said...

Very cool and thanks for sharing the process!

michael robertson said...

fantastic blog! have a beautiful and unique style. I love the fact that you often pick a vantage point where we're looking at the subject from above-a very difficult thing to do, and you do it so well.

Gavin Goo said...

Congratulations! Love the sketches and the final illustration :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

What a fabulous style you have!!! I'm a fan!! Your work is so hip and cool! Great blog too.