Sunday, March 7, 2010

armwrestling for cartoonists

The publishing house Aben Maler will be publishing a zine with the different duels among danish comicbook artist, cartoonists, fine art artists and illustrators. 16 artist will meet each other in duel. The winner continiues to the second round, and so on until a winner is found. I lost my first duel to comicbook artist Cav Bøgelund

The way these duels take place is: artist A draws himself in a frame, then artist B response to this, draws himself in + draws himself into frame 2 and emails it to Artist A, who draws his response.....etc..etc.. email back and forth and after 10-12 or ? many frames a winner is found.

My duel was printed in Euroman March issue (equivalent til GQ Magazine in the US) and all the duels will be in the Aben Maler zine that will be available at the comicbook festival in May here in Copenhagen.

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