Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lawstuff: getting your bonus


Okacha said...

Nice work
really i love it
Can u visit my blog & watch my work ???
I need ur comment & ur opinion

Ngianhormua Yang said...

I love this Erik. Happy New Year and I hope everythings been going good for you

Gulzar said...

Nice gestures.
Lovely work here.
Keep em coming.

Erik Petri said...

thank you all for your comments
@Amr: I chekked out your blog, great live sketches full of character...keep it up
@Richie: thanks and a happy 2011 to you + good luck with that comicbook you are working on
@Gulzar: Thanks, I'll try to keep at it..hopefully step it up a notch...always striving to get better.. ain't we all?