Sunday, December 11, 2011

Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo

In Electric city (Akihabara) Tokyo I saw a bunch of these role-play girls, dressed up as maids, standing all over the place handing out flyers. They were kinda shy and didn't like to be taken pictures of .... but sketching them didn't seem to bother them as much.


jazzlamb said...

Wow, loving the sketches! Did you get to see Harajuku girls and some street fashion?

Erik Petri said...

Hi Jasjyot ... thanks
The only wierd dressed girls I saw in Tokyo were these maid dressed ones in Electric city ... and fashion wise I didn't see all the outrageous outfits I had expected, but overall people had more style than here in Copenhagen

I would have liked to have visited that park where they gather on sundays all dressed up as their favorite manga charater .. well maybe next time in Tokyo I'll get to see and sketch them.