Thursday, December 4, 2014

Doing a political cartoon live on TV

The last issue of the annual political satire magazine "Blæksprutten" (The Squid) was published last month. Since 1888 has this annual publication been part of Christmas in Denmark. Families would gathered around the magazine to see how the political cartoonists and writers depicted the year in words and images. The publishing house Gyldendal who published The Squid (Blæksprutten) from 1907 till now, has decided to close it down for good 'cause it doesn't seel as much as it used to. Its a pity 'cause all the political satire on TV or the internet is forgotten so soon after, where a printed publicated has a lasting value to it, and looking back through 125 years of history filtered by satirical ink lines ... it gives you a pretty good picture of the topics that very important to people at a certain time over the last 125 years.

Me and Stand-Up comedian and writer Mette Frobenius were interviewed at TV2 News Kulturen the 19. of November (the day before the book came out). Mette did most og the talking and I speed-drew a cartoon about a right wing politician who wants to interfere with the national tv stations right to shut down one of their ochestras and move the money somewhere else in their organisation = spend it on web content etc.
I did the drawing in less than 4 min.  

For the final version of The Squid (Blæksprutten) I did four small line drawings about the topics: Russian submarine spotted close to Sweden ... again + The leader of the opposition, that can't be held down ... he always gets up when ever he falls + extreme flooding in the northern part of the country + Kids playing in Ebola-proof suits = we are overreacting

All ideas were done in collaboration with Mette Frobenius ... who also wrote the text

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